Are you dealing with pain or inflammation?

Do you have a weak immune system?

Are you experiencing migraines and headaches?

Have you injured yourself and would like to recover faster?

If you have identified yourself in any of the following issues, we invite you to find out how Recovery patches can help you!

The patches give you continuous multi-day therapy as one patch lasts for 7-10 days. With their frequencies, they can help promote flow and tissue repair, which can be pain-relieving and regenerative.

Positive user experiences suggest that patches can help:
✔ Reduce and eliminate pain
✔ Reduce chronic inflammation and rheumatic diseases
✔ Achieve faster recovery and healing of wounds
✔ Reduce headaches and migraines
✔ Boost immune system

The package contains 5 patches
Price: 30 eur

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Why are Recovery patches so special?

Recovery frequency patches contain a combination of frequencies that allow cells to improve muscle, tissue, and lymph flow, thus enhancing the body's self-healing capacity.

Recovery frequency patches work similar to acupuncture, except that the patch is used to stimulate meridians instead of needles. The biggest advantage is that you can apply the patch on your own and that the therapy with one patch lasts for a week instead of half an hour.

✔ 100 % natural frequencies
✔ Waterproof
✔ No side effects
✔ Odorless
✔ Non-transdermal

How do they work?


Frequency patches are a passive quantum technology that is activated when it comes in contact with our skin since the body produces an average of 0.75 mV of electricity. That is sufficient to spread frequencies from the patch around the body. According to the laws of quantum physics, our cells begin to respond to those frequencies and return to equilibrium and optimal performance.


The package contains 5 patches
Price: 30 eur

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Where to place the patch according to the problem

Muscle and joint pain
Apply the Recovery patch directly to the pain area. In case of severe pain apply more patches at a time (up to ten).

Chronic pain
For chronic pain such as herniation, sciatica, back, joint and limb pain, it is advisable to use multiple patches for several weeks. We suggest starting with two: apply one patch to the lower back and the other near the painful place. If the pain does not decrease within 10 minutes, an additional patch (no more than 10) can be placed near the painful area.

Since chronic pain does not occur overnight, the body often needs a greater amount of frequency over time. The great advantage of Recovery patches is that they can help the body promote self-healing, which is the only real solution for chronic pain.

Degenerative diseases and inflammation
The Recovery patch can also help eliminate pain and inflammation in degenerative diseases, as it promotes collagen production and fluidity in the body. Apply it to a painful or inflamed area; in case of severe pain and inflammation, use multiple patches. Repeat therapy for several weeks until symptoms improve.

Other pains and aches
For general body aches, patches can be applied to acupuncture points that are known for their painkiller effect. When you experience the general weakness of the body, menstrual pain or indigestion, place it on the CV6 point, two fingers under the navel. For a headache, apply the patch to the back of the neck and/or palm to the LI4 point and the LV3 point. For kidney problems, apply the patch to the kidney area and acupuncture point KI27.

Cough, bronchitis, cold, pneumonia
For cough, cold, bronchitis, and pneumonia, apply patches to acupuncture points that can help relieve these problems. The acupuncture point on the LU1 meridian is located below the shoulder at the front of the body, and the KI27 point below the collarbone.

Support the immune system
To support your immune system, apply Recovery patches to acupuncture points that stimulate your defense system. The acupuncture point B36 is located between the shoulder blade and the spine, point B38 two ribs lower and point ST36 four fingers below the knee. It can also be applied at CV17 to boost thymus gland, which controls body resistance while reducing anxiety.

Post-operative treatment and recovery
The use of Recovery patch is also recommended after surgery as the frequencies promote collagen production, allowing the soft tissues and wounds to heal faster. Apply the patch close to the wound. For major interventions, multiple patches are recommended for several weeks at a time.

Sports and muscle performance
Recovery patch is also effective in improving physical performance, resulting in increased muscle capacity, endurance and faster post-workout recovery. The day before the sports activity, apply the patch to the muscles that will be most stressed. For optimal lung function and thus easier breathing, place it at the acupuncture point LU1, and for endurance at the acupuncture point ST36, four fingers below the knee. Multiple Recovery patches can be used at the same time (no restrictions).

Combining with other patches
You can combine Recovery patches with Harmony patches if there are pain and inflammation due to hormonal imbalance. If you experience pain and weakness due to stress, combine it with a B.E.Well patch to help boost serotonin and energy.

The package contains 5 patches
Price: 30 eur

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How to apply patches?

Remove clear, protective top sheet from the patch.

Place patch (patch side down) on dry skin. Press firmly.

Drink plenty of water while wearing frequency patches.


FAQ Recovery patches

Recovery frequency patches can be used for prevention or treatment. As a treatment for severe pain, regular weekly use of multiple patches is recommended until the symptoms improve.

Where to apply the Recovery frequency patches?

Recovery patches can be placed close to the painful area, but never to an open wound. In the case of severe and prolonged pain, more Recovery patches can be used near the pain area for better performance. In the case of pain that moves around the body or it is of nerve origin, multiple Recovery patches should be used, one or two on the initial part of the pain and one or two on the other end of the pain (in the case of sciatica, this would mean one patch on the lower back and one or more patches on the leg).

How to improve muscle performance in sports?

It is best to apply Recovery patches on the evening before strenuous sports activity directly to the muscles that are most stressed during the exercise. That will provide them an optimal flow for faster removal of lactic acids and faster regeneration without pain and inflammation. In the case of great physical exertion, the patch can also be applied to the meridian of the lung (at the front of the body on the soft part below the shoulder – LU1 point), which enables us to breathe more easily and optimize lung function.

Where to apply in case of post-operative treatments and recovery from surgery?

The Recovery patches can be placed close to the wounds because this promotes connective tissue to accelerate the recovery and production of collagen, which in turn affects faster healing of tissues and prevents the formation of deep scars. It can also release pain and therefore reduce the use of painkillers.

What does it mean if the pain is still present after the application of the patch?

In some cases, the pain does not diminish despite wearing the Recovery patch. Why? Maybe you use too many drugs, and the frequencies are too weak to counteract their effects. Or the pain has been present for a long time, in different parts of the body, and there are multiple causes, so even in this case, the frequencies are likely to be too weak to experience improvement. In both cases, it is recommended that you wear multiple patches at a time. The third option is that you do not drink enough water, and the frequencies cannot optimally spread throughout the body. In all cases, however, it is proven that frequencies work, even if you do not feel the improvement where you expect (pain relief). We describe this in the next answer.

What happens to the body after the Recovery patch is applied?

After the Recovery patch is applied, the flow is improved, the cells get more oxygen, the communication between the cells is better and faster, the body begins to produce more collagen, the connective tissue becomes more flexible, and the body regenerates faster. Some people initially experience slight tingling (due to fluidity), others experience pain relief, and others experience greater flexibility, especially on parts of the body that have previously been tighter. Other healing processes cannot be felt immediately, but only in the long run.

Research and results

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Science on how recovery patches work?


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