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We, humans, are living energy. And as living energy beings, we have a frequency. All aspects of our lives (physical health and illness, emotions, thoughts) operate according to the laws of quantum physics. So frequencies are the best tool for regulating our health and well-being. Western medicine has long used frequency devices such as magnetic resonance, lasers, or tens for physiotherapy, for recovery from injuries and surgeries. Today a modern science and integrative medicine are using frequency devices like Biofeedback for early diagnosis of imbalances in the body's subtle energies, which are affecting physical, mental, and emotional health. But those devices require a highly trained practitioner.

Thankfully, US experts and doctors, with the help of state-of-the-art nanobiotechnology, have managed to imprint the frequencies into a small silicone patch, which represents a whole new branch of physiotherapy devices – simple and affordable for anyone.

We can now all have access to the power of energetic healing, combined with ancient wisdom and modern technology.

Frequency patches work well when applied either curatively or preventively. They can be used to alleviate and eliminate various problems, or preventively, to maintain our hormonal, energetic, and emotional balance

Frequency patches based on low electromagnetic frequencies restore the body's natural balance, helping to eliminate problems and causes in a completely natural way. Frequency products have already helped over 200,000 people around the world, so we decided to introduce them to the European market as well.

Proven performance based solely on frequency

Our clients and independent research in the US and Australia have proven the effectiveness of frequency patches on various processes in our body.

Non-medicated + No side effects

Frequency patches work exclusively at frequencies and do not contain drugs or herbal extracts, so they do not cause side effects and are compatible with medicines and other therapies.

Lasts for 4-7 days + waterproof

Ultra-thin silicone patch adheres to the skin perfectly and lasts an average of 4-7 days. It's waterproof so you can recreate, shower or even swim freely.

Easy to apply + non-transdermal

Frequency patches are easy to apply and safe for use. They are non-transdermal, which means that the solid material does not pass from the patch through the skin.

Recovery patch

The Recovery frequency patch contains a combination of frequencies to support normal cell function and ground frequency.

Users of Frequency Recovery patches report that they have successfully helped with various problems. You can read their experiences below.

✔ Supports our ability to heal ourselves
✔ Eliminates energy blockages
✔ Can stimulate acupuncture points

The patch is used as a temporary tattoo and is applied directly to the problem area, except in the case of open wounds, where it is placed near it. The patch is suitable for all ages, with no side effects, and usually stays on the skin for 4-7 days, depending on the installation area.

The package contains 6 patches.

Harmony patch

The Harmony frequency patch contains a combination of frequencies to support the restoration of hormonal balance. Positive user experiences show that the Harmony patch can help regulate menstrual cycles, relieve PMS, reduce fluctuations in menopause, and stabilize and improve mood.

✔ Supports the normal functioning of the hormonal system
✔ It can help relieve PMS and menstrual cramps
✔ It can help regulate monthly cycles
✔ Can regulate fluctuations in menopause

The patch is used as a temporary tattoo and is applied to the skin on the uterus, the area of both ovaries, or on the meridian Spleen 6. The patch usually stays on the skin for 4-7 days, depending on the installation area, but the frequencies have prolonged action.

The package contains 6 patches.

B.E.Well patch

The B.E.Well frequency patch is designed to improve our body function and mood. It optimizes the nervous system, eliminates energy blockages, accelerates synapse opening, and thereby enhances our internal communication, focus, and energy level. When you wear it, you simply feel good!

✔ Increases energy level
✔ Increases and prolongs focus
✔ Improves and stabilizes mood
✔ Improves sleep

B.E.Well frequency patches are applied to the spine between the shoulder blades, to the sacrum, or two fingers below the navel. A maximum of 3 B.E.Well patches can be used at a time.

The package contains 6 patches.


All products on this website do not fall within the definition of medical device and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

Is the frequency patch safe?

The frequency patch is entirely safe as it does not contain chemical compounds but works at extremely low frequencies that support our equilibrium and wellbeing. The beginnings of this technology come from an American space program designed for astronauts during their time in space.

Who can use patches?

Frequency patches are suitable for both children over six months of age and for adults, as the frequencies are the same as those in the human body, the patches only stimulate them to work better.

Are the patches comfortable and waterproof?

Yes, and yes. Frequency patches are made of silicone and are very comfortable as you won't feel them at all. They are also waterproof, meaning you can take a shower, swim, or exercise.

Can patches be combined?

Combinations of different patches are allowed or recommended as frequencies do not overlap or interfere with each other. With a combination of patches, we can achieve an even more significant effect than with a single patch.

How long can patches be used?

The use of Biofield Care products is not limited in time as they are completely natural! Since there is no cure for some behavioral disorders, the use of products is recommended lifelong.

How long does the patch work?

The frequency patch works as long as you have it on your skin, usually 7-10 days. You can apply a new patch before the existing one completely."disappears".

Customer testimonials

How to apply patches?

Remove clear, protective top sheet from the patch.

Place patch (patch side down) on dry skin. Press firmly.

Drink plenty of water while wearing frequency patches.

Hold a warm wet sponge/cloth against the back of the patch, press down, and wet it thoroughly. Wait 30 seconds. Peel off the paper backing and make sure the patch is completely dry before wearing clothes.


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Please consult your healthcare provider or pharmacist regarding your medical condition or illness.

Read the package leaflet carefully before using the frequency patch. Frequency patches are not a substitute for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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