Are you dealing with fatigue or exhaustion?

Do you have frequent mood swings?

Are you struggling with anxiety or panic attacks?

Are you having trouble focusing?

Are you struggling to fall asleep?

If you have identified yourself in any of the following issues, we invite you to find out how B.E.Well patches can help!

If we want to change our feelings and mood, we need to change our frequency. That's why we often turn to meditation, yoga, and other Eastern practices. With these great techniques, we keep our body and well-being balanced, but they require time, persistence, and dedication.

All this can now be simplified and significantly reduced in time, as experts have managed to imprint critical frequencies for wellbeing and good mood into simple silicone patches. When you apply the B.E.Well patch to the skin, the frequencies begin to spread throughout the body and accelerate the recovery of the nervous system, which can bring you more energy, well-being, and inner peace. Frequency patches can be used as a prevention to maintain energy balance or to help the body solve the problems listed above.

With B.E.Well patches, you will be invincible, confident, and focused on your goals.

Positive user experiences suggest that patches can help with the following issues:
✔ Burnout/exhaustion
✔ Low energy level
✔ Distraction
✔ Psychic problems and insomnia
✔ Symptoms of ADHD, ADD, and autism.

The package contains 5 patches
Price: 30 eur

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Why are the B.E.Well patches so special?

B.E.Well frequency patches are a unique product in the world as they contain a combination of frequencies to support the optimal functioning of our nervous system. Independent research from Australia has shown that B.E.Well patches have a positive effect on the function of nerve synapses that enhance our internal communication.

Besides, patches also contain a frequency of earth that has proven healing effects, helping to neutralize free radicals, alleviate inflammation, protect against radiation, and improve sleep and well-being.

✔ One patch works for 7-10 days
✔ 100 % natural frequency
✔ Waterproof
✔ No side effects
✔ Odorless
✔ Non-transdermal

How do they work?


Frequency patches are a passive quantum technology that is activated when it comes in contact with our skin since the body produces an average of 0.75 mV of electricity. That is sufficient to spread frequencies from the patch around the body. According to the laws of quantum physics, our cells begin to respond to those frequencies and return to equilibrium and optimal performance.


The package contains 5 patches
Price: 30 eur

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Where to place the patch according to the problem

The package contains 5 patches
Price: 30 eur

Order B.E.Well patches

B.E.Well patches, symptoms of ADHD and Rainbow Warriors

Dr. Biljana Uzelac, a pediatrician from Chicago, successfully uses the B.E.Well frequency patches at her Holistic Green Pediatrics Clinic to relieve symptoms of children and adults with ADHD, ADD, and even autism.

Being aware of the problems children with ADHD and their parents are facing, we decided to connect and support the Eternia Society (Rainbow Warriors - Aid for Children and Parents with ADHD): We also created a fund to raise money for children with ADHD from socially disadvantaged families.

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How to apply patches?

Remove clear, protective top sheet from the patch.

Place patch (patch side down) on dry skin. Press firmly.

Drink plenty of water while wearing frequency patches.


Frequently Asked Questions about B.E.Well patches

B.E.Well frequency patches are applied to the area of the spine or below the navel. In the case of autism therapy and other behavioral disorders, regular weekly use is recommended.

Where to apply B.E.Well frequency patches?

B.E.Well patches can be placed anywhere around the body, but if you want to make the best of it, it's recommended to put them on the spine or on acupuncture points, which have strong energy effects (CV17, CV6, ST36). You can find all those points in the picture above.

How long should you use B.E.Well patches?

B.E.Well patches can be continuously used or until you feel better. They are natural and drug-free; you can use them both preventively and curatively. Their frequencies will consistently provide you with support for your nervous system and give you 24/7 grounding.

Does earth frequency protect the body from radiation?

Yes. B.E.Well frequency patches are proper protection for the body against the dangerous effects of electromagnetic radiation, as the earth frequency constantly neutralizes free radicals.

Can B.E.Well patches be used for pregnant women?

Certainly, pregnant women are constantly experiencing changes in hormone levels, so they are even more vulnerable to mood swings, which is why this natural aid is ideal for them.

Can B.E.Well frequency patches improve learning achievement?

B.E.Well frequency patches have been shown to improve concentration, and memory capacity as frequencies restore and repair nerve synapses. The result will be less time spent behind the books since that time will be more effective.

Use in case of symptoms of autism, ADHD and ADD?

Research by dr. Uzelac has proven that B.E.Well patches work great on children and adults with symptoms of ADHD, ADD, and autism. In those cases, B.E.Well patches are applied to the spine area. Apply 1 to 3 patches at the time. It's suggested that you use patches regularly and change them weekly. Replace patch even if the previous patch is still on to ensure the body is continuously recovering and adjusting at the right frequencies. Apply up to 3 B.E.Well patches at a time.

Research and results

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How B.E.Well patches work


Study results


A peer-reviewed article of action by B.E.Well on autism and behavioral disorders


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