Want to boost your immune system?

Looking for extra protection during an epidemic?

Are you already struggling with coughing or other breathing problems?

Are you having an allergy problems?

If you have identified yourself in any of these issues, we invite you to read how acupuncture with patches can help you.

To further protect ourselves in these times, it makes sense to use all the knowledge and established methods to support our immune and respiratory systems. One of the most effective is acupuncture, which the Chinese have also proven with the rapid containment of infections in the East.

To get around classic acupuncture with needles and a therapist, 84-year-old doctor Srbislav Brasovan, Ph.D. medicine, and Ayurveda from the USA, discovered and tested acupuncture therapy using frequency patches instead of needles.

By using Recovery frequency patches for acupuncture, you save time and money, as you do not have to go to a therapist, which is even more welcome in times of epidemic and self-isolation.

Advantages of using frequency patches for acupuncture:

✔ A quick and easy way to support the immune system
✔ Frequency patches are used instead of needles
✔ Easy to use and install
✔ A single patch provides you with 4-7 days of support

The package contains 6 patches

How do they work?

Frequency Recovery patches are placed on acupuncture points to stimulate organs or systems connected to that point via meridians. Upon contact with the skin, the patches begin to emit an extremely low electromagnetic frequency (ELEMF), thus removing energy blockages and increasing our vital energy flow. This can strengthen our immune system and accelerate the power of self-renewal.

✔ 100% natural frequency
✔ Waterproof and odorless
✔ No side effects
✔ Suitable for all ages

The package contains 6 patches

Where to place frequency patches?

For efficient acupuncture is essential to install patches on the right acupuncture points. That's why, with the help of doctors, we have tested and prepared you a list of acupuncture points that are crucial in supporting your immune and respiratory systems.

✔ KI27: to increase disease resistance and support lung function, to relieve cough and chest pain
✔ LU1: to relieve cough, asthma, bronchitis and any respiratory problems
✔ CV17: to strengthen the immune system and regulate lung energy
✔ CV6: to enhance overall resistance and boost energy in the body
✔ o LI4: to promote flow throughout the body, to relieve all pain
✔ o B36: to increase disease resistance, especially against colds and flu
✔ B38: to enhance disease resistance, to facilitate breathing and release chest pressure, to release negative energy and emotions, to improve sleep
✔ ST36: to increase general resistance, to increase strength in the body, to relieve problems with breathing, coughing, and asthma

The package contains 6 patches

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How to apply patches?

Remove clear, protective top sheet from the patch.

Place patch (patch side down) on dry skin. Press firmly.

Drink plenty of water while wearing frequency patches.

Hold a warm wet sponge/cloth against the back of the patch, press down, and wet it thoroughly. Wait 30 seconds. Peel off the paper backing and make sure the patch is completely dry before wearing clothes.

FAQ Recovery Patches

All products on this website do not fall within the definition of medical device and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

Where to apply the Recovery frequency patch to support my respiratory system?

Recovery patches are placed on the lung and kidney meridians, more specifically on LU1 and KI27 acupuncture points, located at the front of the body, under the shoulder (more in the graphic above). Those points support respiratory function and relieve respiratory or cough problems.

How many patches to use for prevention and how many for curative treatment for respiratory problems?

For prevention or additional support for the respiratory system is recommended to use at least two patches at a time (one on selected points LU1 and KI27, or one on point CV17 and the other on the back of the body, like B38). However, if you are already infected, or you have difficulties with breathing, it is recommended to use at least four patches at a time (two patches on each side, on points LU1 and KI27). For people with a weakened immune system, we suggest wearing several patches for several weeks.

Where to apply the Recovery frequency patch for immune system support?

To support the immune system, the Recovery patches can be applied to the following acupuncture points: LU1, KI27, CV17, CV6, B36, B38, ST36. You can find them in the graphic above.

How many patches to install to support the immune system?

For prevention or additional support for the immune system is recommended to use two patches simultaneously (one on each side of the spine, at points B36 or B38 or one at CV6 and the other at CV17). In case your immune system is weakened or you already show different symptoms of the disease, it is recommended to use at least four patches at a time (two patches on each side of the spine at B36 and B38 or other points in the graphic if necessary). People with the weak immune system are also advised to use a patch for several weeks or even continuous use.

Is the number of patches limited?

The number of patches is not limited.

Who can use frequency patches?

Frequency patches can be used by everyone, from babies to pregnant women and the elderly, as they are completely safe and do not cause side effects.

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