Are you dealing with painful or irregular cycle?

Do you suffer from severe PMS?

Are you feeling foggy due to hormonal imbalance?

Is your libido virtually non-existent?

Are you going through the menopause?

If you have identified yourself in any of the following issues, we invite you to find out how Harmony frequency patches can help you!

We depend on hormones so much that when in hormonal imbalance, we feel bad for no apparent reason. Hormonal balance is the key to a good mood, wellness, and health. Due to their cyclical nature, hormones are changing at least four times a month (a week after menstruation, ovulation period, PMS period, and bleeding time), so hormonal imbalances are more visible to them than to men.

Problems with menstruation, PMS, fertility, PCOS, endometriosis, and menopause are often the result of modern stressful life when women sacrifice time for themselves for other responsibilities (job, husband, kids, friends, hobbies ...). And we all know the achieving hormonal balance is a complicated thing, and it has to be done through different areas. With healthy eating, regular exercise, avoiding harmful ingredients in cosmetic products, meditating, and working on mental and emotional health.

Finally, a product can help women achieve hormonal balance faster and easier than ever before - a harmony frequency patch, which provides women ongoing support for the hormone system's normal functioning.

The Harmony patches users report a positive experience with the following issues:

✔ PMS and irregular periods
✔ Pain and cramps during menstruation
✔ Menopause
✔ Endometriosis
✔ Polycystic ovaries
✔ Hormonal acne
✔ Mood swings and brain fog

The package contains 6 patches

Why are Harmony frequency patches so special?

Harmony frequency patches are a unique, frequency-based product that constantly supports female hormonal balance. The small silicone patches can be easily applied to recommended points on the body and last for a week or more.

✔ 100 % natural frequencies
✔ No side effects
✔ Waterproof
✔ Odorless
✔ Non-transdermal

How do they work?

Frequency patches are a passive quantum technology that is activated when it comes in contact with our skin since the body produces an average of 0.75 mV of electricity. That is sufficient to spread frequencies from the patch around the body. According to the laws of quantum physics, our cells begin to respond to those frequencies and return to equilibrium and optimal performance.

The package contains 6 patches

Where to place the patch according to the problem

General hormonal imbalance (problems with skin, weight, inflammation, depression, etc.)
Apply one patch on each leg at the acupressure point Spleen 6 (SP6), four fingers above the ankle. Replace the patch when the previous one is halfway removed. Depending on your hormonal status, months of use are recommended.

PMS (problematic periods, bad mood, bloating)
If you have issues with premenstrual syndrome, during PMS, place a patch on the area of ovaries or the uterus, depends on where the symptoms are. If PMS is accompanied by severe pain, it's recommended to combine it with the Recovery patch which you place on the most problematic part.

Irregular periods
For irregular menstrual periods, it's recommended to use patches for several months or until the cycle is completely balanced. Patches can be installed on the acupuncture point Spleen 6 (look at the picture) on the area of the uterus, ovaries, or two fingers below the navel. All those points boost regular menstrual cycles and women's health. You can always apply a patch on the same acupuncture point, or you can change points every week. You can wear four patches at once.

Perimenopause and menopause
If you are struggling with hot flashes, irregular cycles, mood swings, PMS, fatigue, insomnia, and weight gain, you are probably experiencing the beginning of menopause. These characteristic symptoms are the result of decreased hormone production, which can be controlled and stimulated again by wearing Harmony patches for several months. This can calm and relieve pre-intense symptoms and prolong the functioning of the hormonal system. After that, the transition to menopause will be easier. Apply patches at the same areas as in the case with irregular periods.

Combining with other patches
Harmony Frequency Patches can be combined with other frequency patches.

The package contains 6 patches

The story behind the Harmony frequency patches

Harmony frequency patches' conceptual leader is a gynecologist and Ayurvedic doctor Srbislav Brasovan, MD, who has more than 50 years of experience in treating women's reproductive health and hormonal balance. He started with the research in 2017 at his FACOG clinic, Holistic Health Realities LLC using the Harmony patches on patients with severe menopause symptoms, PMS, uterine polyps, and other gynecological problems. The patient's results were impressive. He found out that regular use of Harmony frequency patches can relieve or even cure many women's issues while continually returning the body to its natural hormonal balance. And that is the key to well-being, painless regular monthly cycles, and beautiful glowy skin.

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How to apply patches?

Remove clear, protective top sheet from the patch.

Place patch (patch side down) on dry skin. Press firmly.

Drink plenty of water while wearing frequency patches.

Hold a warm wet sponge/cloth against the back of the patch, press down, and wet it thoroughly. Wait 30 seconds. Peel off the paper backing and make sure the patch is completely dry before wearing clothes.


All products on this website do not fall within the definition of medical device and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

Do I have to check my hormone levels before using Harmony patches?

No, you can choose to use Harmony patches preventively - to maintain hormonal balance - or to improve your hormonal imbalance, based on your symptoms. You do not need laboratory tests or medical advice to use frequency patches.

Where should I place the Harmony patches in case of general hormonal imbalance?

If you experience symptoms of a broken hormonal balance (problems with skin, hair, weight, inflammation, depression, menstruation, etc.), apply Harmony patches every week to the Meridian Point Spleen 6, located on the inside of the leg, four fingers above the ankle (see picture above). It is recommended that you use it for several months, depending on your hormonal status. Continue till symptoms improve.

Where should I place the Harmony patches in case of period problems?

In case of menstrual cramps, irregular cycle or absence of a cycle, PMS, nausea and bloating apply Harmony patch directly to the uterus area (some fingers below the navel).

Can I combine Harmony patches with other frequency patches?

Of course! In case of severe pain during menstruation, endometriosis, etc. you can combine Harmony patches with Recovery patches. In case of moody swings and irritability, combine them with B.E.Well patches.

Where should I place Harmony patches in case of menopause?

In the case of menopause, the patches can be applied to the meridian point Spleen 6, which lies on the inside of the leg, four fingers above the ankle. It is recommended that you use it for several months on both legs, depending on your condition. Apply new patch when the previous one wears off.

Can patches also help in the case of thyroid, adrenal and pancreatic disorders?

Harmony patches were primarily designed to solve problems with the reproductive system. However, in practice, a balanced reproductive system has also been shown to affect the better functioning of the thyroid, adrenal glands, and pancreas.

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