About us

We are a team of enthusiastic individuals who believe in a holistic approach to health issues, as it has proven to be the most effective in our experience and that of our clients. That was the reason we established the Biofield Care company, which brings to the European market the latest products of frequency medicine in the form of frequency patches for well-being, hormonal balance, and life without pain. Frequency patches are manufacture in the USA.

Nina Kokalj is a journalist and consultant on nutrition and healthy lifestyles. She is also a certified face yoga teacher and transactional analysis practitioner. In her work, she continually cooperates with the different doctors of integrative medicine. Among other things, she and dr. Uzelac, a Chicago holistic pediatrician, wrote the cookbook Green lunch box for the needs of modern moms and kids.

Tilen Oseli has 20 years of experience in sales and marketing and start-up entrepreneurship. He likes to joke that he is being guided into various projects by his ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). His head is full of ideas, as he is continuously looking for ways to take innovative approaches to alleviate the various problems that one faces daily.

In 2018 they started to collaborate with integrative doctors in the USA. Tilen, as a dyslexic and ADHD person, first time tried the B.E.Well frequency patch given by dr. Uzelac which is using them in her Green Pediatrics Clinic for the last three years as a therapy for alleviating and eliminating problems in children with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, ADD, etc. Since the patches helped Tilen to focus more easily, after lengthy talks and negotiations, they were able to convince the owner and founder of the Tuning element frequency patch company that the rest of the world needed them and imported them into Europe.

Our medical team is assembled from integrative medical doctors and experts in different fields, such as Western medicine, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicine, Bioresonance therapy, Taoism, etc.

Dr. Srba Brasovan, MD, is a gynecologist surgeon and ayurvedic doctor from Indiana, USA. He is using frequency patches Recovery for the last seven years for faster regeneration after surgeries. With more than 50 years of experience in treating women's reproductive health and hormonal balance, he is the one who helped to develop Harmony patches and is using them for his patients.

If you have any questions about your medical condition and use of frequency patches don't hesitate to email us. We will always do our best to help you.

All information, descriptions, statements, statements, and images on Biofield care website (www.biofieldcare.com) are for informational purposes only and are in no way a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and appropriate medical assistance.

Please consult your healthcare provider or pharmacist regarding your medical condition or illness.

Read the package leaflet carefully before using the frequency patch. Frequency patches are not a substitute for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Each user has the opportunity to consult our team via email before ordering frequency patches: info@biofieldcare.com.